View Full Version : Sinar P 8x10 Rear Standard???

30-Mar-2008, 04:00
Is there such a thing as 8x10 Rear Standard for the Sinar P?

I've a 8x10 Changing Set which I understand that can be replaced, by taking out the 4x5 frame out of the rear standard of the P?

Advise please? Thank you.

30-Mar-2008, 04:59
Hello Teng Wei

Yes there are at least 3 different P type rear standard bottoms. The part that attaches to the rail and supports the rear format frame. The one which gives you the most flexibility was made for 8X10 and has a longer post to give you more rise and fall. The 8X10 format set can also be attached to a 4X5 base (this is quite common) but has a shorter post limiting rise and fall. The third option is the least common. There was a rear carrier base made for portrait work which is smaller, lighter and has very limited movements. While this base is not common, if you can find one it should be the cheapest. I hope this information is helpful.

30-Mar-2008, 05:10
Thank you for your information. Appreciate.