View Full Version : Shelf life of hypo clear

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
2-Jan-2001, 18:25
First, thanks so much to everyone who gives their time and expertise to make thi s such an informative bb. As my printing sessions are, to say the least, episodic, I find that I may have undiluted hypo clear in a partially full bottle for well over a year. Is there an easy way to test its usefulness after such a period of time? Also my undiluted fixer is in a similar situation, however the Tetenal test str ips indicate that it's still okay. Thanks

Ed Buffaloe
3-Jan-2001, 09:26
As best I can decipher Kodak's data sheet, it keeps indefinitely in a full container, and about 3 months in a partially full container (the actual entry is NA/3 months).

Richard Årlin
1-Oct-2005, 03:26
A question regarding Hypo rather than an answer: What's the little brown pellet contained in the bag of hypo, I bought it from Retro Photographic togeter wit some POP paper. Thanks in advance, Richard