View Full Version : Poll: Longest Focal Length You Own (4x5)

Ron Marshall
28-Mar-2008, 11:25
Might as well ask this as well. If your FL is not represented, pick the nearest one.

This is intended for 4x5.

My longest is 450mm.

David A. Goldfarb
28-Mar-2008, 11:34
I said 360, because that's the longest I typically use on 4x5", but I have a few longer lenses that I could use on my 8x10" Sinar P with a 4x5" back, but I've only done so out of curiosity, to see what they look like. Here's a shot with that setup and a 75cm element from my Busch Vademecum set--


This involved two tripods, which isn't something I care to do that often.

Peter K
28-Mar-2008, 11:35
My longest LF lens is the convertible Symmar 1:5.6/360 - 1:12/620mm. But I've voted with the whole lens only. ;-)

Peter K

28-Mar-2008, 11:42
That I use in 4x5:
360 mm Apo Ronnar f9
360 mm Tessar f6,3

28-Mar-2008, 11:57
Mine is 800mm Nikon - far from the longest allowed to vote for.

Walter Calahan
28-Mar-2008, 12:20
500 Fujinon, but if I had extension bellows and third standard for my 4x5 Arca-Swiss, I'd love to mount my Nikkor 1200 mm that I use on my 8x10 system.

28-Mar-2008, 12:21
Fuji 600-T, 450-C

28-Mar-2008, 12:47
i got an old 19 in brass lens i use on my korona view.

28-Mar-2008, 13:13
Damn ... I am so completely negated with numbers I'm surprised I'm still shooting. I voted 360 when my longest is actually 460. Oops.

Steve Barber
28-Mar-2008, 19:19
45cm Artar and 600mm Fujinon T

Jan Pedersen
28-Mar-2008, 19:23
300mm Apo Ronar cause that is the limit of the Shen-Hao's bellows. Have longer lenses but 300 is all i need on 4x5

Richard M. Coda
28-Mar-2008, 20:13
Fuji 450C

29-Mar-2008, 12:17
720mm in a strictly 4x5 format (Nikkor 720 Tele) and 1200 mm in an 8x10 format (Nikkor 1200 Tele). A 720 Tele is about the limit for my Ebony 4x5 in terms of bellows extension.

Alan Davenport
29-Mar-2008, 15:41
None of the above. I voted for 250, but my longest lens is a true ten inch: 254mm. One day, I'll seek out a 400mm tele...

Andrew O'Neill
29-Mar-2008, 18:48
600mm for both 4x5 and 8x10.

Rodney Polden
31-Mar-2008, 17:50
I'm with you, Andrew - 600mm for both 4x5 and 8x10. Cheers from Salt Spring.

Brian K
31-Mar-2008, 17:59
720mm, 500mm, 360mm nikkor T-ED,
480 Apo Ronar
500mm Osaka

George Stewart
1-Apr-2008, 05:28
500mm Osaka.

1-Apr-2008, 15:56
300mm Nikkor-M. Tack sharp.

1-Apr-2008, 16:50
210 is all I've found a need for.

1-Apr-2008, 17:01
Where is 600mm range? :D

Armin Seeholzer
2-Apr-2008, 07:12
My 610 APO Nikkor is not on the list, but most of the time I use it in 8x10 not so often in 4x5 and 6x7.

Cheers Armin Seeholzer

3-Apr-2008, 15:53
15" Tele-raptar... 381mm so I said 400 cause it is one closer to that than 360.