View Full Version : Is 4x10 film available ?

paul owen
1-Jan-2001, 16:23
Seasons Greetings to one and all!! Now a question !! Is there any b&w film ava ilable in 4x10 inch format, or would I need to cut my own?? If the latter is my only option.....how easy is it to do, without chopping off a finger in the proce ss!! Regards Paul

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
1-Jan-2001, 19:45

Try Lotus View Camera at www.lotusviewcamera.at. They have 4x10 Bergger film. I hope this will help you some way.

Douglas P. Theall
2-Jan-2001, 11:54
Paul, If they don't have your favorite film in that size it is fairly easy to cut film down in the darkroom. Just set up your cutter and tape it down so it doesn't move. Then set a stop (use a piece of mat board) to the 5" cut. Tape it down, too. Check the cut with a piece of paper to make sure the cut is 5" and you are ready to go. You will wast a bit of film this way but if you can't wait it will put you in business pronto. Have a Happy new year. Doug

David F. Stein
2-Jan-2001, 11:56
This firm will custom cut 100 and 400 speed emulsions: Photo Warehouse: discoun t printers supply: 1-800-922-5484.