View Full Version : tank water heater for color processing

27-Mar-2008, 16:09
Anyone know of a precision aquarium style heater for 100 degree water temperature? Aquarium heaters go to 93 degrees. The tub is like one used to wash dishes.

27-Mar-2008, 16:25

I think you might be able to take an aquarium heater higher by removing the limit on the rheostat. Certainly if it was a high power model it should be able to warm a dish pan of water up to 100F.

27-Mar-2008, 23:00
Look at the Won Brother stuff.

The older non-digital ones are adjustable. So you can change it and 90F could be 100F if you want. Very easy to do.

I think the latest greatest model does go up to 100F with digital display etc.

28-Mar-2008, 19:22
Back in "the day" I had a made-for-photography counter top rubber tank with a pump that recirculated the water and had a metal-covered element that heated the water. Anyone ever see one of those?

Randy H
28-Mar-2008, 19:53
I have one of the metal chemical cleaner tubs that has the lid and recirc tank, and was wondering too about a heater for it. Doing black and white, not a problem. A good salt-water heater and cascading water fall filter fit the opening in one end. Do they make either a salt-water heater, or reef-type heater that goes above 100?