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27-Mar-2008, 13:56
I have a square 100mm Lee polariser which I need to cut into a circular shape. I don't have the expertise to do this myself, and Lee have said they can't either because they import the filters from Japan.

I'm not sure which type of business would be the best to aproach given the sensitivity of the filter, and the precision it would require. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or indeed if they know of anyone in the UK who might be able to help, I be very grateful.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Mar-2008, 14:05
Opticians cut lenses to shape to fit into eyeglass frames, so you might ask there, though I'm not sure about a polarizer, because they are usually sandwiches of glass and polarizing foil.

27-Mar-2008, 14:43
Second David's mentioning of the delicacy of the polarizing sandwich. Another possible source would be anyone who makes telescopes. See if the nearest university has an astronomy department. Maybe they can steer you toward an individual or corporation that specializes in cutting optics.

Good luck.


27-Mar-2008, 17:27
Thanks guys. I've managed to locate a glass fabricator who look like they may be able to help.

28-Mar-2008, 01:03
Check with:


about customizing polarizing glass.


28-Mar-2008, 13:06
You could try speaking to Balham Optics who do a lot of reprocessing lenses for the film industry. They won't be the cheapest but do know what they are doing. Don't forget that you will also need to mount the new filter.

On the other hand why not just sell the one you have on Ebay and buy a circular polariser in the right size instead - it will probably be cheaper and there's no chance of ruining the square one.

David Whistance