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27-Mar-2008, 08:27
Is anyone using this one? How much chemistry does it take for inversion use?is this much difference (better than,) Paterson Oribital? Also, I'm concerned about the praticality bacause it was designed for auto processor use.

27-Mar-2008, 09:15
Inversion? Lots. Over 1 litre for one reel. Two reels would be double that. Figure close to five pounds total. Spin the tank and it uses much less. Great tank on a roller base.

27-Mar-2008, 10:10
I use 400ml and spin it in a tub of water or roll it across the counter top.

No machine needed!

Inversion? No way! I believe it would take 1.2 liter or more to fill it.

27-Mar-2008, 11:40
My tanks don't have numbers on them. They are the size that holds 1 2509 reel or 2 35mm reels. I filled it up once to see what it would take for inversion. I poured the contents into a 1200ml Paterson graduate. It overflowed. My educated guess is 1500ml or maybe a bit more. You will also need the Jobo red seal cap and a lid without the cog. Or find a stopper that fits the lid with a cog. Rolling is way more better. Although, I do think about semi-stand developing in the Jobo tank from time to time.

27-Mar-2008, 12:15
The one reel tank would be the 2521 if you've got the red stopper. 2523 if you've got the cog.

The Jobo number system includes the number of reels and the lid in the number.

2551 translates into

a 2500 type tank that takes 5 35mm reels and has a red rubber top.

27-Mar-2008, 13:25
I have multiple short tanks & multiple lids. One of the lids accepts the red stopper.

A tank that holds 5 35mm reels should have a volume of 3.5-3.75 liters then. That's heavy!

2-Apr-2008, 12:06
I just saw this thread and didn't actually see a final answer... To use the 2521 tank or 2523 with cork to plug the hole for inversion development of 4x5 takes 1400 ml to cover the film and reel. It was, until recently, my main 4x5 development tool.