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26-Mar-2008, 18:51
I am moving to oklahoma city in June and I am unfamiliar with the city and am not sure what they have to offer for darkroom/film enthusiasts.
If there are certain stores that will sell and develop ilford or other such film?
Also, does anyone know of a darkroom that is pay as you go or something of the like?
Thanks so much for any help!

Randy H
26-Mar-2008, 22:00
Epperson Photo for film. Most sheet will have to be ordered. Check with Baker Photo. Photo enthusiast, but not sure about LF (In phone book. Located about 25 miles east of OKC) Limited stock anywhere in OKC. Lot's of luck on dev and print.
Check with the Photog instructor at UCO (Univ Central OK, in Edmond) He is LF shooter and enthusiast. Damn near only one. He may allow use of schools darkroom. OKCCC (Ok. City Comm. College) also has darkroom. Check with instructor about possible use. No public-access darkrooms known in area. Lots of good photo ops in and around OKC. Anything you may want to shoot. No local hassels. Check out Bricktown. Bigger parks on Sundays are always good for low-rider clubs and wheel-hop competitions. South and east of OKC for landscapes. If you go north and east, take a concrete block to anchor your camera. Wind never stops. The Kiamichi's and Turner Falls are about an hour and a half due south. Georgeous. Find someplace around Davis and spend a couple days there. Forget the lake areas. Most are muddy and nasty. Don't go near Norman on any gameday unless you are really into sitting in traffic for hours. For living, check out south-west OKC area (SW89th to SW129th & May area) Best housing for money. AND, like other larger cities, OKC ethnicities and "safer" neighborhoods change block by block. Far north towards Edmond is upper-middle and up. Capital area is predominantly lower class. South of capital changes by neighborhood, from lower to upper-middle. Midwest City is mostly Tinker AF families. If apartment dweller, definitely stay north. The further north possible, the better, and West of Penn.

(Former OKC dweller)

27-Mar-2008, 11:09
hey thanks so much for the info! I'm moving down from minnesota so i can't wait for the change of scenery. I emailed one of the professors and was told that only students can use the dark room, hopefully the other one will be more helpful. thanks again! :)