View Full Version : Big Honking Piece of Glass... JML

26-Mar-2008, 16:58
OK, I don't know what to call it. First, it looks new. Second on the front element it says JML Optical 209mm f:8. It's huge! Weighs close to 3 pounds w/o any shutter. It has an aperture from f8 to f45. The aperture has so many blades it appears almost perfectly round at any aperture setting. Painted in white lettering on the inner element ring it says efl (effective focal length?) 210.1 S/N 1814. It has a round fixed flange with 4 screw holes chamfered in from the front. The flange is a little over 11cm across (diameter round). The front element is 65mm across. The rear element is also 65mm across. The rear element bulges almost 10mm out the back. Sitting on the front hood, the height is about 80mm including the rear element bulge. The glass is Very Nice... very.

I presume it would have to have an external shutter arrangement, Packard??

I cannot imagine mounting it to the front of my Calumet (Gowland Pocket), or even my Graflex Super without it's own tripod.

Any guess on why and how I would use this lens??? Anyone know what it is. I have researched JML optical, and apparently they are still in the optical business.

Someone posted an inquiry on large aperture and bokeh. While this is not large aperture, I suspect that the near perfectly round aperture at all f stops would contribute to some nice bokeh.

Ernest Purdum
26-Mar-2008, 17:25
JML Optical has been a prolific lens supplier. Most of their lenses seem to have been intended for some sort of specialized reproduction at some lparticular subject/image ratio. Have you been to their website? Have you found a number other than the serial number on it?

Brian Vuillemenot
26-Mar-2008, 20:50
Funny, the Discovery Channel show "How's It's Made" was discussed on this forum a week or two ago, and I just tuned into it the other day, and they were showing the manufacture of a JML lens!