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Terry Hull
26-Mar-2008, 05:34
Has anyone used the back currently advertised on EBay for $189? Buying experience in China, e.g. credit card?

Jiri Vasina
26-Mar-2008, 06:01
If you mean the DaYi 6x12cm roll film back (with masks for smaller formats), then yes, I have used it. This particular type, although from a different seller (so I can not say anything about the seller. But usually, they are as reliable as sellers from anywhere else).

The back: I'd say it's a good one. Using it is very simple and straightforward. It is well built. I have been using it for around a year and I did not have any problems with it, any light leaks. Only problem was that in some of my photos, there was reflection of light from one of the edges, either the long or short side - depending on the main light source in the image. It was located around 4mm from the edge. From what I have read on the net, the paint used on the material is not matte enough (is just a touch too reflective), and this is the cause. The remedy is repainting it with something truly matte.

I have some photos made with it on my website.

(I don't have the back anymore, not because I did not like it, but because I do not need it any more. I shoot more and more BW and less color and don't feel the need to use rolls. I'll finish my stock of color sheets and that's it.)

Don Dudenbostel
26-Mar-2008, 06:05
I have one exactly like this but with the shen Hao name on it. I've used it for over 2 years and had no problems. It's machined from aluminum and built like a tank. It seems to hold film very flat also. No idea about the seller but it's a very good price.

26-Mar-2008, 07:39
Are these available for spring loaded backs? I only seem to see the graflok back ones. I'd love to get myself one, especially at that price.

Don Dudenbostel
26-Mar-2008, 08:02
It will fit the Canham but don't think it will fit any other spring back