View Full Version : jobo 3000 series drum lids

Jeff Graves
25-Mar-2008, 05:45
Hello All,
Does anyone know if the jobo 3000 series drum lids interchange. I'm looking for a lid to fit a 3005 which I currently do not have in my possesion and was wondering if a lid from a 3006 would fit.

Jan Pedersen
25-Mar-2008, 06:10
Can't speak for the 3006 but the 3005 and 3010 share the same lid.

Ron Marshall
25-Mar-2008, 06:35
The outer diameter of my 3006 lid is 8 7/32".

Michael Graves
25-Mar-2008, 06:51
I've got the 3005, the 3006 and the 3010. All the lids interchange perfectly.

Jeff Graves
25-Mar-2008, 17:00
Thanks Guys, That helps!

25-Mar-2008, 17:57
I have an extra lid... send me a pm if you might be interested