View Full Version : Two bath dev in a Jobo

Richard Littlewood
25-Mar-2008, 04:14
Just wondering if anyone has good things to say about a two bath developer using a Jobo. I've been looking at the article by James Kates on this site regarding the Stoeckler dev in a Jobo, and especially using Delta 400. It might be me, but I cant see any info about the capacity or working life, but the economy and results sound great.
I've just done a trip that has resulted in around 30 rolls of 120 Delta 400, 30 rolls of 120 FP4 and loads of sheet FP4. I would normally dev in ID-11 but all that film = a lot of mixed dev, and I'd like to give the Jobo/2 bath a whirl with a view to using two bath my standard future developer.
I will do a test roll for a dev time, but it would be good to hear from anyone who has used a similar procedure, especially regarding capacity, results and methods, and I have to say using continious agitation.

Jim Noel
31-Mar-2008, 19:38
The 2 bath developers I have used require agitation in the first bath and at the beginning of the second part and then a no more agitation. This seems to me to negate any advantage to using a Jobo for 2 bath processing.