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paul owen
6-Mar-2001, 13:16
I have almost finished converting a cloakroom into a darkroom! I'm pleased with the conversion, so far, and have started ordering equipment. I have managed to s ecure a used LPL 5x4 enlarger kit for a very reasonable price, but I still have a dilemma: I have opted for maximum space for the enlarger/easel and the opposit e wall will house my wet bench. Herein lies the difficulty, there is not enough shelf space for 16x12 trays, but I can fit a 16x20 Nova Quad processor in with r oom to spare. I plan on putting prints (both on fibre and RC paper) through this and into a tray of water (on the shelf underneath) and then transferring the pr ints to a bathroom to wash in a Nova archival washer. Does anyone foresee any pr oblems with the Nova, I appreciate that I will not see the image "emerge", but a part from this??????? Regards (again) Paul

Diego Rigatti
7-Mar-2001, 09:55
Dear Paul,

You can also take a look over the new FB Nova Processor (http://www.novadarkroom.com/pp_fb.htm), that give you the possibility to have complete control over the development grade of the - in particular - FB prints. I recently bought one and I am very pleased with it.