View Full Version : Looking for slider clamps to attach reducing back...HELP!

Mark Carstens
23-Mar-2008, 21:32
I know they're out there, but where?

I've attached borrowed pics of what I'm referring to, but suffice it to say I'm looking for a supplier who sells off-the-shelf solutions like the ones you see on lensboard adapters. If anyone out there has a source, please let me know.

Note: The second example does have angled slots, you just can't see them.

Thanks in advance!


Ernest Purdum
24-Mar-2008, 09:10
You might try Calumet. They're pretty good about keeping parts available.

Mark Carstens
24-Mar-2008, 11:57
Thanks, Ernest. Henry (Capocheny) shot me a PM along the same lines.

I sent Calumet an email with the pics...we'll see what happens :)


David Karp
24-Mar-2008, 12:10

Give them a call and ask for Jose in the repair department. He is (was?) the LF guy and will understand what you want. Many of the regular customer service people have no idea regarding LF (this was even true years ago, before the rise of digital).

Mark Carstens
24-Mar-2008, 13:48
Thanks, Dave!

I've heard back from Calumet. My point of contact is going to check with the repair dept -- I mentioned Jose in my reply. Fingers crossed they track something down.


David Karp
24-Mar-2008, 15:50
I was thinking further about this. The retaining mechanism for the current Cambo lensboards won't work for you, but Cambo has a nice Cambo to Technika-type adapter. The sliders for that item might be perfect.

You can see a photo of that adapter board here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses-primer. Just keep scrolling down until you reach the section on attaching lenses to view cameras.