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23-Mar-2008, 11:21
Dear Group,

After reading many posts in many threads about fixing shutter cloth I decided to test using acrylic ink to make my own shutter cloth and repair an old Thornton-Pickard roller-blind shutter. It worked out after some trail and error. In the following link you have an illustrated description of the method I used.


I may be useful to some of you guys using barrel lenses. Case you have anything similar or an ideal on how to improve the end result I would be glad to hear about it.

Best wishes


Mark Woods
23-Mar-2008, 11:45
Wagner, what a wonderful website! I've book marked it. Thank you for sharing.

23-Mar-2008, 12:43
Very nice tutorial, Wagner. I love any large format do it yourself tutorials.

Vick Ko
23-Mar-2008, 12:48
Fantastic. Please keep us updated as to the longevity of the shutter.


Carsten Wolff
26-Mar-2008, 20:45
Great tutorial, Wagner! 'love your work! I'm lazy though.....
I read somewhere that one can still buy suitable shutter cloth new, may be in the UK? Anyone know more about this? [I've got an old dilapidated T.-P. Ruby lying about that could do with a shutter cloth (and a back for that matter); one day I shall get to it (I just found a nice new front-surface mirror on the bay; it just needed cutting to size).]