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23-Mar-2008, 11:18
Well Hello Everyone! Good to be with you;again on a differant platform(IBM). My Mac is in repair...
Anyway, I have a Crown Graphic 4x5 that I recently purchased on the internet @ ebay and it did not come with the battery! I have other strobes such as Lumedyne and would like to at times not hoist arround my Lumedyne strobe equipment and would like to be more mobil in crowded areas!
My question is: I need the battery for this strobe unit. The strobe head is a filament tube, not a bolb!
The cable that is affixed to the strobe head has a five pin male end that will attach to a five slot female battery. If anyone can help me locate the battery for this unite that would be great.
I talked with a photographer in Maine that works on large format photo equipment that includes strobes and other accessories for 4x5 cameras. Talking with him I mentioned that I use Lumedyne Strobes normally and he suggested that I send him my strobe to see if he could modify the strobe head cord to work with my Lymedyne equipment.I am a little reluctant,at this time to do that; not just yet! So I am doing this query before to see if I can locate the battery for this unit.If anyone can be of help it would make my day and days!
Thanks Everyone! "Yours In The Struggle" Romie Shep - Boston,Massachusetts

Glenn Thoreson
23-Mar-2008, 20:15
You should post your question at www.graflex.org
There are at least a couple of folks over there that know of resources for these Stobonars.

24-Mar-2008, 07:40
Thanks Glenn.I just posted my query @ graflex.org

Bob Salomon
24-Mar-2008, 13:49
Marflex bought most of the Honeywell stuff when Rollei went out of business. You can ask them at marflex@aol.com.

24-Mar-2008, 14:51
Hello Bob! Thanks. I just emailed them.:)