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Clement Apffel
22-Mar-2008, 23:44
Hi there.

I am currently away from my camera (cambo SCX 4x5") and planing to order a store case for it.

but I can't remember a quite crucial detail when looking for the right size for a case.

does the standards swing completely ?
by this I mean are the standards able to swing 90 along the monorail, in order to store the camera in a "flat" case.

and if it is possible what are the exact dimensions of the camera when "folded" like this.
Length width and height ?

Thanks for any answers.


John Bowen
23-Mar-2008, 06:42
I too have a Cambo SCX 4x5 and am away from my camera so my advice is limited to...YES, the standards fold so it can be stored "flat" in a case. I have used a piece of samsonite luggage to travel with my camera and packed my clothes in the old Calumet Box Style case that was originally made for this camera.

24-Mar-2008, 15:52
I just got mine out and measured it for you. With both standards down and facing opposite directions where they overlap slightly, which seems to be the most compact way, width is 22 1/2 in., height from bottom of the tripod mount is 14 3/4 in., and depth is 4 1/4 in.. BTW, I have a 210 lens on it right now and the dimensions would me the same with or without it.

Clement Apffel
24-Mar-2008, 22:13
Thanks to both of you for those sharp details.