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John Cahill
22-Mar-2008, 08:41
Hi All,
Just got a "new" Crown Graphic. The RF doesn't move when I focus the lens. Is it possible that the Kalart (side-mounted) RF is "disconnected?" What should I look for inside to see if something is amiss? Is there some kind of connector between the RF and the lens bed that I should be looking for? I have checked the Graphlex web sites, but the Kalart manual is a cipher to me.

Dave Parker
22-Mar-2008, 08:52

There should be an arm on the same side as the rangefinder that connects the range finder to the focus rail this would be on the left side if your facing the front of the camera or the right side if your looking from the rear of the camera, if you look inside the case, you should see a chrome arm in the area of the rangefinder, that proceeds down, then a pivot point and another arm attached to the rail.

Hope that was clearer than it sounds.


Tracy Storer
22-Mar-2008, 08:56
There is an "arm" inside the cameras "box", that pivots on a shaft from the Kalart(near the top of the camera). This arm contacts the back of the focusing rail in the bed that rolls in and out. It's possible, if the arm is present and not moving, that either the screw is loose that holds it onto the RF shaft, or there's something wrong with the RF.

22-Mar-2008, 09:00
The CG I have with a Kalart side RF has a straight metal link that has a hinge & pin connected to a piece connected to I think the front standard close to the bed. Or it connects to a piece that slides in a channel in the bed. When the standard is moved for focussing, the angle of the linkage changes, rotating the RF mirror.

I have one with such weak, tired mirror coating , that I can only see it focus on something bright like a light bulb. Try that to see if you see any signs of life (assuming you have linkage intact). That may help you confirm whether the action or the 2nd image malfunctions.

If you do determine it works, but is difficult/ impossible to see, Google RF repair with a dark dot (I can't think of a better way to say it).

Rick Olesen recreated an apparently preexisting technique of partially obstructing one window on an RF with a dot-shaped sticker or dry-erase marker etc that increases the visibility or contrast of the dual image in a RF. It gives them new life without a new mirror.

Here you go -this was a pain to find.

John Cahill
22-Mar-2008, 09:03
Dave and Tracy,
Ah, yes. I see what you both mean. The arm moves when I focus, and the round connector also moves, but I cannot see if the shaft moves. Must get out my magnifying head gear. The screw on the round connector is rusted. I shall try tightening it. It looks like it takes a small nutdriver.

Jim Ewins
22-Mar-2008, 20:45
Since the RF is set to one focal length, it's easier and perhaps surer to use the ground glass.

robert fallis
23-Mar-2008, 07:58
John. this is a link to the Kalet rangefinder manual http://graflex.org/speed-graphic/kalart-manual.html