View Full Version : Manual for Eastman No.2 8x10 bellows camera?

22-Mar-2008, 08:37
Help - recently purchased Eastman No.2 8x10 bellows camera and would like to find a manual for this camera. Can anyone suggest where to find said item?

Mark Woods
22-Mar-2008, 09:07
Wow! That's really pretty. My 2D is totally beat up (from previous owners), but still works great with the TR triple convertible (12, 21, 28 inch) lens. Sweet.

22-Mar-2008, 09:23
Thanks Mark - I just bought this on eBay, from owner in Pasadena, CA! the camera was well maintained and cared for... Looking to get back to bascis with this camera - I've become lazy with digital equipment. You're probably already aware of International Camera http://www.icamera.com/ for parts and perhaps camera rehab. Your site is GREAT BTW!

Chauncey Walden
22-Mar-2008, 10:31
What you are looking for is titled "How to Use The Kodak View Cameras - 5x7 and 8x10 No. 2D". (The "D" was for "dark" finish, apparently). The historian at Eastman House was kind enough to send me a xerox copy some years ago. Check with them.

22-Mar-2008, 11:07
Thanks Chauncey! I just sent eastmanhouse.org a note.

Mark Woods
22-Mar-2008, 13:10
Thank you much for your kind words about my website. It's going to get a lot more information and other things once the school year is out. I'm tied up with the Cinematography Fellows at the American Film Institute, and I have evaluations and portfolio reviews to work on until the 2nd week of June.

BTW, if I believe some posting from photo.net, the TR triple convertible is one of the lenses Edward Weston used after his Mexico years. Any comments/knowledge about this??

Brian Ellis
22-Mar-2008, 13:19
The 2D is a great, and IMHO much under-appreciated and under-valued) camera. But they're as well built as any camera I've owned, operate smoothly, and the lack of front tilt can be remedied if it bothers you at all by Richard Ritter for $250 (what he charged me about three years ago). The originality of the camera will be messed up but these cameras aren't collectibles anyhow, at least not yet. If you don't mind my asking, what did you pay for it? I bought an absolutely pristine 2D about four years ago for $400 and sold it for the same, I've been kicking myself ever since. Yours looks to be in very nice shape too.

22-Mar-2008, 14:23
$320 eBay - do a search on Large Format 8x 10 cameras - check the "COMPLETED LISTINGS" narrow search options and you get get a feel for what some large formats are going for -

Merg Ross
22-Mar-2008, 14:24
Hi Mark, yes it is true that Edward Weston used a Turner-Reich triple covertible lens, a 12",21",28". He also used a single element (19") Zeiss Protar. I believe he used these two lenses during the Guggenheim years.

Turner Reich
22-Mar-2008, 15:30
Yes I have one too in 5x7 and 8x10 with a dozen tr lenses, I have the 12 19 and the 12 21 along with the 4x5 models and the 5x7 models. AA took a photograph of the Golden Gate before the bridge with a tr.