View Full Version : info on 14 inch/20 inch anastigmats?

21-Mar-2008, 07:54
Does anybody have info on an Kodak Anastigmat 5.6/14inch
lens (barrel) ? Made for an areal camera, what format will it

And is there any info on a kodak 20 inch 6.3 also from
an arial camera?

I'd be grateful for any help

21-Mar-2008, 08:47
If no replies here, look for Richard Knoppow on rec.photo.equipment.large-format

Jim Galli
21-Mar-2008, 09:21
Are you sure the 14 inch one says Kodak. There was a lovely british aerial camera lens that was 14" f5.6 and it is often a Cooke Aviar.

John Kasaian
21-Mar-2008, 09:26
I have a couple of Kodak aerial lenses, though not the ones you mention but they are probably similar. The 14" should easily cover 9"x9", the 20" will most likely handle 9"x19" These were meant to be used at "wide" apertures and focused at infinity. BTW If your 20-incher is really an aerial lens it would do some serious damage if dropped on your foot! :)

21-Mar-2008, 10:31

asked the person that is willing to sell me the lenses

The 20 inch states: VV172983 ref. no. 14A/3262

and here are some very bad pictures, don't know which lens is
which, but it might help the experts out here,

thanks for the info so far!

21-Mar-2008, 10:33
BTW, jim, I'm not sure the 14 inch says kodak, probably not,
does that make a cooke? It is from an aerial camera for sure

Dan Fromm
21-Mar-2008, 10:50
Serial number beginning with VV means Ross made it. The VM says that VV means Dallmeyer, but I have a 5"/4 WA Xpres s/n VV. The question is, which of the 20"/6.3 Ross aerial camera lenses it might be. Could be a tele, if so covers 5"x5". If an Xpres (count reflections, then you'll know), covers 9" x 9".

There are at least two ex-Air Ministry types of 14"/5.6 anastigmats floating around. As Jim Galli pointed out, there's an Aviar. These usually have serial numbers beginning with TT. I have one, don't love it as much as Jim loves his, but boy! is it sharp wide open. And there's a tessar type, usually made by Dallmeyer and, I think, a Dallmeyer design. I've handled one, chose not to buy it. Both are quite heavy.

None of these little bon-bons will go in shutter, all are pretty impractical for general use. stehei, what's your fantasy? I mean the one that has to do with these lenses.

Jim Galli
21-Mar-2008, 11:05
I think Dan has covered the 20" pretty well. In the photo the smaller one is a dead ringer for my 14" Aviar f5.6. It is heavy but I find it easily usable on 8X10 and I also think it has a gorgeous look to it wide open.



Both made at f5.6 with that lens. Beautiful smooth tones.

21-Mar-2008, 11:59
that is some awsome bokeh, jim!

here are 3 high-res pictures,
just bought them,

My dream? Well, I don;t care about
weight too much, and have a
packard shutter on my B&J
so its fun to experiment!

any new insights with the new pics?
and does covering 5*5 of the 20 inch mean it is
nog usable in close-ups on 8*10?
regards, and thanks!


Dan Fromm
21-Mar-2008, 13:44
Um, the big 'un is probably the telephoto. If so, how close is close? I ask because covering 5"x5" needs a 150 mm circle. At 1:1, a 150 mm circle grows to 300 mm. So it will cover 8x10 at 1:1, but since its optimized for greater distances image quality may be poor. The only way to find out for sure is to try.

The little 'un could be the Aviar, might be the Dally tessar. I took mine out and compared it with the photo, which isn't as informative as I'd like. On mine, the contract number (14A/3254) is engraved on the side of the barrel at the very front and the trim ring is engraved with the serial number, "14 INCH","f/5.6", and "ANASTIGMAT" 90 degrees apart. Ask the seller to look at it instead of sending more useless photos.

Good luck, have fun,


Next time do your research first. The highest and best use of most aerial camera lenses is as doorstops. Really huge ones make nice coffee tables.

21-Mar-2008, 13:54
Hi Dan,

thanks. no worries, for the money I paid for them they would be cheap as coffe tables too.