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Dave Saunders
21-Mar-2008, 05:30
Any one use this setup. I've just bought one with no instructions, not sure how much water to put in for the water jacket. Also the Combi plan film holder looks a bit fragile and tight for space when you dunk it in the tank. I take it you take off the guides once film is loaded then put the little red clip back on, and hope none of the sheets are touching?
I would be interested to know how other users get on with this system?

21-Mar-2008, 08:01
As with the Orbital vs Combi thread, I'd noted a few points about the Combi loading.

Load the film using the guide, remove the guide, lower the clip slowly and make sure you separate the film sheets with your spare hand. Repeat as necessary, it can take as long to separate the film under the clip as it did for you to load each sheet. Don't go any further unless you've got the clip and sheets correct in the holder.

Sorry, I can't help past that point though :)

Ted Harris
21-Mar-2008, 08:49

AFAIK the NOVA processor is designed to process paper, the one you show color paper. That said, no reason why you couldn't use it as sort of a mini dip and dunk line with manual agitation .... using the Combiplan 'cage' to hold the film. The Nova has good temperature control. Other people have used the NOVA this way.

mike currie
21-Mar-2008, 09:23
It's a 5x4 dip and dunk film processor, see link http://www.novadarkroom.com/product/166/Nova_Dip_&_Dunk_5_x_4_Film_Processors.html
Could maybe contact them and obtain some instructions, I have in the past contacted them for advice and have always found them very helpful. Myself I run two similar units for 120 and 35mm film.

Ted Harris
21-Mar-2008, 09:37
Cool! Never saw one of those and didn't know they made them. Before I quit color print wet processing I used a NOVA and loved it.