View Full Version : 135 f3.6 Fuji-W all black - seeking info

21-Mar-2008, 02:16
135 f3.5 Fuji-W all black
Hi all. I can't get much info on this lens. Any input out there?

David Karp
21-Mar-2008, 06:54
Look here: http://members.aol.com/subgallery/

The original Fuji W series was single coated. Some were in Seiko shutters. These typically had very large image circles. It was replaced by the NW series, which was also marked Fujinon W on the lens, this time on the outside of the lens barrel. These were multicoated. If your lens is multicoated and in a black Copal shutter it is probably from the NW series.

I have a 135mm Fuji W from the original single coated series. It is a nice lens.

21-Mar-2008, 09:29
See also Kerry Thalmann's discussion of this and other Fujinon Lenses...