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Steve Wiley
3-Mar-2001, 09:57
I'm researching 4x5 field cameras (I'm upgrading from a Super Graphic). I've nar rowed it down to the Walker Titan or a (used) Wista SP, although if I had the $$ , I might opt for the Canhamn metal 5x7. Criteria is a robust and versatile field camera that has enough movements for si mple architecural and portrait work. Although I haven't ruled out wood fields en tirely, I think I would prefer a more rugged camera like the one's listed above. I doubt I will ever be using extreme WA lenses.Does anyone have experience with these cameras? Has anyone used the Wista 5x7 adapter? Thanks in advance for the advice!

3-Mar-2001, 11:56
Are you sure that this is upgrading, and not just swapping a sheep for a goat?

Sal Santamaura
3-Mar-2001, 12:10
I purchased and then returned the Wista 5x7 adapter for my VX. As with most such designs, it significantly limits movements, and I doubt you'd find it usable for even simple architectural work. By the way, I think it's discontinued, and even the version for Wista's metal technical cameras is made of wood.

Erik Gould
3-Mar-2001, 13:32
If you are interested in doing any kind of architectural work get a camera that allows you to use a bag bellows, it makes even slight corrections much easier and you really can't do more extreme movements without it. I've been using a Zone VI classic for about ten years, doing architectural documentation and urban landscapes and have found a wooden camera to be very rugged and straight forward to use.

Ellis Vener
4-Mar-2001, 13:39
Why don't you check the archives for the reviews and opinions?

bob moulton
4-Mar-2001, 14:47
Havew you considered the Canham DLC? Reviews of the camera by professionals and users have been quite good; its bellows is very versatile, and a WA bellows is avaiable. Assuming you aren't going to be using very wide(72mm) or very long (450mm) lenses as your standards it bears a look. The Wista is a solid camera, but used or new it does not offer you as much for the buck as the canham. A second camera used/new is the Wisner Technical field. It is wood but quite sturdy and has ample features for almost any occasion. Bob