View Full Version : Isconar??

19-Mar-2008, 06:20
Does anybody know this lens?
Its a schneider 240mm Anastigmat Isconar. f:6,8
Can it be used for 8*10?

hope to hear from you

kind regards


Ole Tjugen
19-Mar-2008, 07:12
That's a Dialyte kind of lens I believe, with 70 degrees coverage. So it should cover 8x10" with a little movements (336mm image circle).

19-Mar-2008, 10:15
do you have any estimation on the image quality/bokeh etc?
any educated guess would be welcome,



Ole Tjugen
19-Mar-2008, 10:35
No idea, but I'd like to know what you find! ;)

28-Mar-2008, 14:32
Hi Ole,

the isconar arrived today,
in a very good shape for a lens this age,
mounted in a compur shutter that also
works very good,

Its a doppel anastigmat design,
24cm f6.8. I guess it is meant for
5*7, but it covers 8*10 fine on my

Uncoated, of course it gives a very nice
image on the groundglass (test on film
will follow), with lots of very beautifull
bokeh full open.

I have the feeling I will be using this lens
a lot as soon as it is mounted on a lensboard,

btw, any idea what is a safe way to clean this
lens safely?



Ole Tjugen
28-Mar-2008, 15:49
For uncoated lenses, I use lens cleaning fluid from my local optician and microfiber cloths. well - I actually use the same for coated lenses, but I'm a bit more careful with the cloth there...

Dialytes sometimes unscrew into the individual lenses, which makes it very easy to clean them. I can't remember if the Isconar does, only that the Rodenstock Eurynar certainly does. ;)