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18-Mar-2008, 17:46
IT'S HERE! UPS finally made it! My god, it's beautiful! The brass gleams, the cherry color of the wood is magnificent, with a polish that I can see myself in(hopefully the pics look better than I do).

A beautiful baby Tachihara was delivered today. UPS was the doctor delivering, and it's a wonderful 8x10 size, with a weight of around 12 pounds, I'm guessing. (I know, it's probably more, but I don't care!)

It strikes me that no matter how high they get the megapixel count, no one looks cooler than someone under the darkcloth with one of these babies in front of them! :)

Now I need to get some lensboards...hmmm.

Walter Calahan
18-Mar-2008, 19:13

18-Mar-2008, 21:01
Cool, Paul! Maybe it will be the first 8x10 GG I will ever get a chance to view...