View Full Version : Forum email notifications

arkady n.
18-Mar-2008, 12:38
When I am getting email notifications of new posts to the threads that I subscribed to, the message contains the following :

There may be other replies also, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again.

Sometimes I am unable to click the link every time, or I am not near a web browser. However, I can still read email that was downloaded by my mail reader. Is there a way to receive ALL of the posts to a thread via email?

Ted Harris
18-Mar-2008, 12:45
Arkady, not AFAIK. That is a limitation of the software. However, once you have logged bak onto the site and read the new posts you'll get the notice again.

arkady n.
18-Mar-2008, 12:48
What software is it? Is it open source? I would be willing to look at the code to add this feature, if I am allowed to...

Ralph Barker
18-Mar-2008, 13:18
The forum runs on the vBulletin package, which is not open source. We have consciously decided to avoid custom extensions because of the problems associated with maintaining those extensions every time a vendor-supplied update or bug fix is applied.

Take a look at the RSS section in the FAQ. That may provide what you are looking for.