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vann webb
18-Mar-2008, 10:31
Does anyone here have any experience with the Rollei infrared sheet film? What are your impressions, etc. In 35mm, I use my dwindling supply of Kodak HIE out of the freezer. Obviously, HIE is no longer an option in 4 x 5 though and I would like to have a sheet film option. Thanks in advance.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Mar-2008, 22:09
Wasn't impressed with Rollei IR. Barely got any IR effects and I hated the extremely thin film base. I loaded two sheets in one holder accidently. Efke's IR is little bit better but I found it to be extremely sensitive to static fogging in dry environments...pull the slide out very slowly. I got decent results with #29 Kodak gelatin filter with a painfully slow EI of 6. The price of Rollie IR was almost $100 Canadian for 25 sheets. Efke's was about half that.

24-Mar-2008, 10:19
Take a look at www.digitaltruth.com. Ther you can find data on Rollei IR400 as well as comparisations and reviews, which are very helpful. Some people think that the IR400 has got too weak IR effects, but most of them must have used ordinary red or deep red filters and they surely gives too weak IR. This film needs a filter more in the 700+ category to give the real IR-look.

Apart from Ir, it seems to bee a good general film too, according to dr5.com.

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