View Full Version : Stuck Synchro Compur Fix?

Frank Petronio
17-Mar-2008, 19:11
OK I have a 135 Xenar in a late 60s/early 70s Synchro Compur (with the wide thick chrome shutter spring ring and smooth case). I was shooting today when it suddenly seized up. What happens is that I can only cock the shutter cock button about halfway and the shutter release "clicks" but the aperture doesn't open. I tried both ends of the shutter speeds, moving the MVX lever and the open aperture lever still works... I don't sense any play in the shutter cocking lever and can't get it to fully cock.

Any advice for a quick at-home fix? I am not exactly experienced at shutter repair.

And given that Carol at Flouots is ill and backlogged, is there a good repair person who could turn this around quickly?

David A. Goldfarb
17-Mar-2008, 19:24
That sounds more serious than the usual Synchro-Compur sluggishness, like a pin coming out of a track or a spring that's come off (if you're lucky) or broken (if you're unlucky). You could call Frank Marshman and ask how soon he can get it back to you--1-800-471-8133.

Frank Petronio
18-Mar-2008, 21:41
Thanks David, he seems like a great guy and the lens is off and away!

18-Mar-2008, 21:48
Frank, that happened to me once. I foolishly continued to f*&^ with it and it only got worse. I sent it to Carol for repair and it was too badly screwed up. Ended up donating it to her parts drawer.

Bottom line...leave it alone, as in don't think for a moment that cocking it and firing it repeatedly will some how help...it won't. Get thee directly to a professional.