View Full Version : leaking Unicolor Drum

Kenneth Grunzweig
4-Mar-2001, 03:10
I have a Unicolor drum which is leaking pretty badly. I checked the gasket seal and the rubber under the seal and they look fine. Does anyone have any ideas o n how to correct these leaks?

Thank, Ken

james mickelson
4-Mar-2001, 09:46
The plastic dogs(the little plastic ears that latch the lid to the drum) get worn and start allowing the drum to leak. Get a thin sheet of poly eurathane and cut a spacer and place between the gasket and lip of the drum. It makes the gasket a little thicker and seals it right up like new. james

David Grandy
4-Mar-2001, 10:09
Mine leaked badly too, yet the the gasket appeared to be perfect; and the drum and lid were pristine. But when I replaced gasket with a new one that a friend had laying around, the leaks stopped.

Does anyone know if you can buy replacement gaskets commercially?

Don Sparks
4-Mar-2001, 17:41
Try holding it with pliers over a hot stove eye a few seconds at a time. I had one to leak and kept heating it and trying it till the leak was fixed.

Pat Kearns
5-Mar-2001, 00:22
David, I have seen gaskets for sale on ebay with a starting bid of $10 periodically. Look in the darkroom section of photo items.

Kenneth Grunzweig
6-Mar-2001, 01:59
Thank you all for your help. I have inserted a second plastic washer and it seems to have stopped the leak.

Best regards,


Irwin Cua
17-Apr-2001, 00:21
I also have a leaking unicolor 8x10 drum. Where do you place the plastic? Between the lip of the drum and the gasket of the cover?