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15-Mar-2008, 22:12
Fuji FP-1 (http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b83526698)

very cool

Frank Petronio
16-Mar-2008, 05:37
Dang, put a Graflock back on that baby please!

luis a de santos
16-Mar-2008, 07:50
Is It For Sale?
Old Or New?

Gene McCluney
16-Mar-2008, 08:06
Looks like that is dedicated to the Fuji instant pack film, possibly 4x5.

16-Mar-2008, 10:20
Dang, put a Graflock back on that baby please!

Did I hear someone say..... 'Littman?' :D

16-Mar-2008, 11:30
The FP-1 Professional is Fuji's high-end "instant" camera and uses 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 Polaroid-type film packs. Konica also sold a similar one, the Instant Press.

Is It For Sale?
Old Or New?
These are no longer made (used), and the link is to Yahoo-Japan's auction site (for sale). It seems the FP-1 goes for $300-500 depending on the condition and included accessories.

Now Fuji sells the "Cheki" instant cameras. They are toy-looking, but I hear the picture quality is decent.

16-Mar-2008, 11:32

I want one!!

Gordon Moat
16-Mar-2008, 11:38
Seems a bit like the old Polaroid metal bodied cameras for pack films, with a rangefinder. I think Konica briefly had an Instant Press that was similar. The NPC 190 was another one like this. Maybe Fuji use to make the Konica?


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Peter Blake
27-Nov-2008, 15:14
I love the FP-1, it's so much lighter and ergonomic than (say) the Mamiya Press with a Pola back. Konica Instant Press seems nicely engineered, you can see the connection with the Koni-Omega, but FP-1 costs far less and does a perfect job. No regrets.