View Full Version : Sinar rail cushion

Jason Rosinski
15-Mar-2008, 06:46
Does anyone know a good place to get a replacement rail cushion for a Sinar rail? I have an F1 that I've been learning with, but the cushion that it came with was cracked and epoxied. It's started to come loose, so I'm not sure where to find a replacement.

It may be the best bet is to contact Sinar's distributors directly, but I'm guessing that might be a pricey path. With the number of LF users on this site, surely someone has had to replace a Sinar rail cushion and will know the best option.


erie patsellis
15-Mar-2008, 10:31
Surprisingly, some parts from Sinar are reasonable, I just priced out a new gear for my 8x10 Sinar P and it was like $24.00 or so. Give Sinar a call, you may be pleasently surprised.


David A. Goldfarb
15-Mar-2008, 11:51
Yeah, it seems to be hit or miss, probably based on how long the parts have been in stock. I remember I ordered two levels for my P, both physically similar things--a spirit level on a plastic mount--and one was under $20 while the other was over $40.

Ling Z
15-Mar-2008, 21:22
Check with Sinar Bron if you are from the States. Most of Sinar parts are very cheap, except bubble levels.