View Full Version : tear in bellows how to repair

14-Mar-2008, 13:06
I recently purchased a B and J 8x10 with a 4 inch tear in the bellows on the top near the lens board the rest of the bellows is sturdy and good, any ideas on a good repair that i can do myself?


John Bowen
14-Mar-2008, 13:33
duct tape????

Asher Kelman
14-Mar-2008, 13:42
duct tape????
Will Thompson has a special paint to add after your tape. He is a repair genius!

How big is the rip?

Asher :)

14-Mar-2008, 17:07
super glue.

Mark Woods
14-Mar-2008, 19:17
I just got rid of a bunch of pin hole problems on an old set of bellows with the liquid one uses to dip tools in to insulate their handles & give a rubber surface to the handles. It's worked really well for some really large "apertures" in the bellows.