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14-Mar-2008, 10:16
Well, it's big to me anyway. Decided the Calumet deal wasn't cheap enough. He offered to come down to $250.00 but after searching, I found another deal I liked and now she's mine all mine:
Cambo SC 4x5 (approx 25 yr old)
210mm Fujinon
90mm Fujinon
in shutters and Cambo boards.
Standard Bellows.
Wide angle bellows.
Compendium shade.
Polaroid back.
Graflex 6x9 rollfilm back.
A Huge Bogen Tripod
A few other accessories and a case.
$375.00 I feel pretty good about the transaction/price.

Now I have questions: All I have is a glass focusing back....will adding a fresnel improve the focusing/brightness?
I cant quite figure how change from vertical to horizontal.
I would like a manual for this camera as well.
All comments or advice are sincerely appreciated.

14-Mar-2008, 10:23
Looks like a killer deal--the 90mm is probably worth that by itself. You'll find that 4x5 is a small camera around these parts. :) A fresnel would help with focusing the 90--especially if it's a slow lens, but why not try it out first to see if you have any problems focusing.

David Karp
14-Mar-2008, 10:27
Most of what is said here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/calumet/calumet-45nx.html should apply to your camera.

Is the back reversing or rotating? If reversing, you press down on the button on the center of the slider at the top of the rear frame. Slide it in the direction of the arrow that points to the back. Make sure you are holding the back so it does not fall out. Turn the back 90 degrees so that the back opens to the top. set the bottom of the back in the frame, so that the two clips at the bottom hold the bottom of the back in place. Push the top of the back into the frame and move the slider back to the middle until the button pops back out.

If rotating, there should be a little lever that (I think) you flip up. rotate the back and then flip the lever back down to lock it in place.

Seems like you got a great deal.

A fresnel might help. I used a Bosscreen on mine and loved it. Others don't like them Search the archive for Bosscreen.

Enjoy it. This is a really nice camera. A perfect starter camera that you might not ever replace.

14-Mar-2008, 10:39
That's a really GREAT deal! The Cambos are really good for learning all the movements. Good luck and send links to pix. Oh, B&W or color? You'll need a whole new set of tools in your repertoire in developing sheet film.
The back, if not a rotating back, needs to push the 2 buttons on top and slide the thingy.

14-Mar-2008, 11:16

Somebody saw you coming and decided that you must deserve the luckiest day you'll have for awhile. That is probably more in the $800-$1000 range with everything yoy got. Congrats!!!!!!


14-Mar-2008, 12:05
Thanks guys. I will be playing w/ it the house this weekend and taking it to Joshua Tree next weekend. Gonna fool around w/ some Polaroid for now. Won't do much color until I get a proper scanner. Don't realy wanna pay for drum scans. Will be buying a combi tank and seeking cheap film holders. already have a Durst-Pro w/ carriers, condensors and a 150mm Schneider Compnon.