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13-Mar-2008, 15:37
I have a bunch of 35 mm stuff that I still use, but I was thinking last 3 weeks and looking to internet, try to learn more about LF Photography. I really need some info, I am thinking to built camera which it will be cheaper I guess (I am student). But same time I need to pay for lens. Also development and print, which I don't live in big city.
I just want to learn that how much it would cost to buy a ok camera and lens. Also how much it would cost for development and printing. Thanks a lot

Kerem Koc


Jim Jones
14-Mar-2008, 12:20
A press camera is a good way to begin LF photography. Although they are somewhat limited in their capabilities, some will do most of what one needs. I sometimes find them better for some photography than view cameras with full features. http://www.graflex.org/ has information on one popular brand, and this helps you understand other brands too. This site may be the best source of information on large format. Another good site is http://www.apug.org/ Building a LF camera may be as expensive (and more time consuming) as buying an inexpensive one. For typical prices, check the completed auctions of LF cameras on ebay.

If you do only black and white photography, doing your own developing can be simple and inexpensive.