View Full Version : using combi tank as line processing

Dave Saunders
13-Mar-2008, 14:36
Any one use these tanks as a dip and dunk system? My local dealer will sell me three tanks and one holder. So effectively I will be making a small scale version of the deep tank system, and using less chemicals for the small quantities of film I want to process.
Can anyone see any flaws in this idea before I splash out any money on it?

Patrik Roseen
13-Mar-2008, 14:57
You can use three tanks for dipndunk although I have not done it myself. The person I bought my combi-plan from added two extra tanks which he had used for line processing.

When I rinse the sheets I usually take the lid of and dipn dunk to get any dust out of the sheets. While doing this I have noticed that it is very easy to get the filmholder to smash into the top sides of the combi plan tank. I guess doing this in the dark could prove somewhat difficult as it is hard to see the edges of the tank.

Merg Ross
13-Mar-2008, 15:00
Dave, the home page of this forum has an article by Eugene Singer on using the Combi tanks in line. It is located under processing, and titled "Developing 4x5 Sheet Film, an Alternative Method". I have used the system with three tanks and it works well.

Brian Schall
13-Mar-2008, 17:43
This is how I basically use the Combi tank. I have 3 tanks, load the holder and immediately put it in the full developer tank, put the top on and turn on the lights. Process for the required time and turn off the lights, transfer the negative holder to the stop for the required time, transfer to the fix and put the top back on and process for the required time. I haven't had any troubles so far, just be careful when transfer from tank to the next that you don't hang the holder up on the side of the tank. Sure beats filling and dumping the tank. And with such a love/hate relation with the Combi tank, you can usually pick up Combi outfits cheap from people who don't like them.

13-Mar-2008, 18:45
Unless your dealer is offering a steep discount on those extra Combi tanks, buy the one tank and rack, then head down to your local Target or Wal-Mart. Go to the food storage section and find the 1.7L Snapware container. It's almost exactly the same dimensions as the Combi tank and will work well in your processing line, as long as you do it in total darkness.

Dave Saunders
14-Mar-2008, 01:22
Thanks Guys, thats all been really helpful and encouraging. Hopefully I should be up and running early next week.