View Full Version : What lab do you use?

scott russell
13-Mar-2008, 06:32
What lab do you guys use to develop color and slide 4x5? I tried chrome in DC, they did a great job, but it feels almost asinine to pay 9 dollars to ship a couple of sheets of film when I live an hour away from the lab (2 hours if you count dc traffic).

13-Mar-2008, 06:55
I'm in the Springfield, Mo. area and our one and only E-6 lab closed about three years ago. I've been happily using Alliedphotocolor.com out of St. Louis for some time and I am quite happy with the pricing and results. Very quick service and UPS ground is about half what you are paying. I'm within one day ground shipping so I'm good with that. If film gets in during the morning, it's out same day. Prints a little longer.


13-Mar-2008, 07:03
Scott-- Where are you located? If you're anywhere along I-270, you could use Rieger Imaging in Clarksburg. They'll do E-6 processing for sheet film.


There was also a place I used to use in Rockville, called EPI, but they've either moved or have gone out of business. I heard they might still be in Rockville or Gaithersburg and running E6, but I haven't found them. I know there are some labs in northern VA as well--let me ask a couple of friends.

scott russell
13-Mar-2008, 07:31
I live in Baltimore City