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Henry Stanley
30-Aug-1998, 02:42
Where can I find the hole dimensions for drilling a Copal 0 and a Copal 1 board?

Also, I notice that Linhof blank boards have a pilot hole drilled which is NOT i n the center of the board -- why is this?

Henry Stanley
30-Aug-1998, 02:46
I was planning on having a machine shop drill my boards -- thus the request for dimensions on a Linhof board. Is this a good idea, or should I send to Calument , Grimes, etc., for drilling? --Henry

Roy Feldman
30-Aug-1998, 14:26
The web site at schneideroptics has the specs you need. I have taken boards to a machine shop, and let them measure the size needed.. although it was not a comm on size. I'm sure you can call 1-800-CALUMET and they will provide answers. IMYO unless you already have the boards why not buy them predrilled? All major maker s sell boards for the shutters you named(even minor I have a Cahnam and was aabl e to get one "off the rack".)

Jon Grepstad
30-Aug-1998, 15:28

Henry Stanley
31-Aug-1998, 01:20
Thanks. The Linhof boards I have are undrilled, and the the pilot hole is quite low (not in the center.) The DRILLED Linhof board I have is slightly low of c enter. As a result, I'm not sure where to have the holes drilled. FYI, these b oards are to be used on a Toyo 45D with flat and recessed adapter boards designe d to take Linhof boards. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks -- Henry

Ron Shaw
31-Aug-1998, 16:43
I would think that you would want to have the optical axis of your lens centered in both directions on your film plane, with all movements in the neutral positi on.

Doremus Scudder
2-Sep-1998, 10:40
I assume you have the lenses. Measure the flange with machinist calipers! The si ze of the hole is not as critical as people would have you think. It only needs to be light-proof and keep the lens from sliding around in the board (I've made several homemade lensboards from masonite etc which work more than fine!). Pilot holes drilled off-center are to center the lens on the film on cameras on which the lens standard is not cetered (usually higher) the lens shoud be as close to center as possible.

Masayoshi Hayashi
28-Dec-1998, 19:22
The URL Jon mentioned is incorrect. The correct one is: http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/shutter/shutter.htm