View Full Version : b/w film in readyload packets?

james norman
2-Mar-2001, 14:07
is there any news about future availability of b/w film in readyloads? i have h eard conflicting reports about whether kodak will be offering t-max in the new r eadyload packets. does anybody know what the deal is? thanks.

Ellis Vener
2-Mar-2001, 14:24
Evidently at this years PMA (held last month) Kodak announced the resumption of T-max 100 in the new (single sheet per packet) Ready Load design.

2-Mar-2001, 15:09
That's what I heard is that it will be available in single packet form. The photog I was assisting thought that sounded inconvenient and wasteful.

Glenn Kroeger
2-Mar-2001, 15:19
Well, based on using Fuji Quickload and double-sheet ReadyLoads, the words I would use for single-sheet packets would be reliable and wonderful, not inconvenient and wasteful!

james norman
2-Mar-2001, 18:29
thanks ellis - and as i understand it, i can continue to use my current readyload holder with the new single-sheet packets, correct?

Ellis Vener
2-Mar-2001, 20:09
I have no direct knowlege of this as I haven't seen any of the newly redesigned Kodak Readyload packets to try them in any holder. My understanding from an older thread here is that Kodak says they will work well in Kodak, Fuji, or Polaroid holders. Will they? Inquiring minds want to know...

mark lindsey
3-Mar-2001, 05:05
all you need to know is at the kodak web site with animation type directions and all. they can be used in polaroid backs I believe some websites are already carrying the probuct. (adorama for one).