View Full Version : daylight developing tanks

scott russell
12-Mar-2008, 06:53
Does anyone recommend 4x5 developing tanks that are light tight, and can be processed without a darkroom? I want to start developing black and white 4x5 negs (right now i'm shooting color, and mailing it to chrome in dc) but i don't have anywhere in my house that would work for a dark room, and my film holders have to be loaded in a bag.

Bob Salomon
12-Mar-2008, 07:25
Combi-Plan T

Joanna Carter
12-Mar-2008, 07:32
As has been mentioned in many posts, the CombiPlan really is a superb tank; its only drawback is the need to use 1ltr of chem to cover the six sheets that it takes. However, I have used the same dev within 24 hrs with no real problems.

scott russell
12-Mar-2008, 10:15
So if it takes a Liter of developer solution with a 1:9 dilution ratio then you're getting about 8 uses out of a bottle of developer? Doesn't sound too bad, unless you're only developing one sheet.