View Full Version : Availability of Fuji Film in 5x7 in USA

john molloy
2-Mar-2001, 13:29
How easy/hard is it to get fuji (provia F and velvia especially) film in the 5x7 format in the USA, and around the world for that matter?

Thank you


QT Luong
2-Mar-2001, 17:13
Fuji makes Velvia, Astia, and Provia F in 5x7, but it is not imported in the US. It can be found in Japan and Europe, but at a premium price. Sources suggested by readers include http://www.bobrigby.com/ and Robert White, but the price will be above $5/sheet. In the US the most convenient source is Badger Graphics, however, they have to buy it retail in Japan, and as a result, you'll pay $5/sheet (Jeff says they don't make money on the transaction).