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Rick Russell
11-Mar-2008, 10:08
I am contemplating the purchase of a long lens to add to my complement of lenses,and seek advice regarding a sharp long lens (+/- 450mm). I have a 4x5 camera and bellows length is not a significant factor. I shoot primarily landscapes and the longest lens I presently own is a Nikon 300mm. My biggest concern is the sharpness of the lens. Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

Rick Russell

Ron Marshall
11-Mar-2008, 12:07
I own a Fuji 450mm f12.5, sharp, lightweight, copal 1. The maximum aperture is not an impediment to focussing at this focal length. The Nikkor 450 f9 is also a good lens, but heavier, if weight is a concern.

450mm is a reasonable increment from 300, and you are not likely to need or use anything much longer on 4x5. I mostly use mine on 5x7 (like a 300 on 4x5) but it is nice to have on 4x5 when needed.

Brian Vuillemenot
11-Mar-2008, 22:45
I also highly recommend the Fujinon C 450 for use on 4X5 (and any other formats it covers, for that matter- supposedly up to 7X17).

John Kasaian
12-Mar-2008, 01:38
19" Artar is a delightfully sharp lens if your lensboard can accept a #4 Acme.

Nathan Potter
12-Mar-2008, 09:42
I use a 500 Nikon ED fairly frequently. Seems very sharp with high contrast but the limitation is really found in the stability of the tripod setup and other extrinsic conditions (focusing, wind, vibration, tripod settling during exposure, etc.).

Nate Potter

David Karp
12-Mar-2008, 09:52
I owned a 450mm f/9 Nikkor M. It was a wonderful lens. However, although small for the focal length, it was still in a Copal No. 3 shutter. I was always worried when I had my camera racked out to use the Nikkor M. I made some photos that I liked very much with this lens, but decided it was best used for bigger formats.

I sold the Nikkor M and bought a used Fuji 450 C from Jim at Midwest. It is tiny. The f/12.5 max aperture has not been a problem in use. I use the 450 C far more than I ever thought I would. I never worry when using it, even when I have used it on my Walker Titan field camera with the front standard tilted forward and the axis tilt tipped backward to get back to vertical. I have also taken some photos with this lens that I like very much.

Kevin Crisp
12-Mar-2008, 09:58
The Fuji 450 is great, and in Copal 1. It is sharp even wide open, as I tested it that way by accident.

12-Mar-2008, 10:12
I like the Nikon 360mm, 500mm, 720mm telephoto lens series for 4x5. 1 shutter, 1 front element, 3 rear elements, and it's sharp. I used a 720mm on 5x7 and it covers.

Richard Wasserman
12-Mar-2008, 10:40
Another vote for the Fuji 450 C, it's everything everybody has already said it is.