View Full Version : Graflex Roll Film Holder Not 6x7?

neil poulsen
11-Mar-2008, 09:01
I just received a Graflex RH10 "6x7" roll flex holder for my 4x5. I purchased it from KEH on EBay as a Buy It Now. Shipping was fine, and it's in almost new condition. But, the frame is 2.25x2.625. That's off by an eighth of an inch, which I consider significant.

Is this only true of the Graflex holders, or is it also true of the more expensive Horseman, Toyo, holders, etc.

I like the quality of the images that I get off the Graflex holders. But, I would like to have a full-frame 6x7 image.

11-Mar-2008, 09:11
My math that's almost 67mm wide. That's 6x7 by any measure.

Jim Noel
11-Mar-2008, 09:44
I don't believe you will find any roll film back a full 60x70 mm.

Mark Sampson
11-Mar-2008, 13:08
Graflex RH holders are notorious for having a shorter "7cm" length than other rollfilm holders, say the Linhof Rollexes. No one knows why; it wasn't significant for me.

11-Mar-2008, 13:16
Most 6x7 cameras that actually list the image size, like the Mamiya 7 or RB/RZ (http://www.mamiya.com/mamiya-7-ii.html#Specifications etc.) are in the neighborhood of 56x69.5mm, so expecting 70mm or so isn't too far off. Horseman doesn't list the exact dimensions: http://www.horsemanusa.com/pd_acc.html , neither does Toyo: http://www.toyoview.com/Products/Accessories/45ACFac.html but they both have email addresses listed off their web pages.

Dave Moeller
11-Mar-2008, 13:47
I just measured a frame from my RB67. It's 2.25 x 2.625...the same as you're getting from your RH10.

David A. Goldfarb
11-Mar-2008, 14:07
Linhof Super-Rollex is 56x72mm.

erie patsellis
11-Mar-2008, 14:44
Neil, you could make it any size you wanted with nothing more than a file and a little time...


Dan Fromm
11-Mar-2008, 16:37
Neil, you could make it any size you wanted with nothing more than a file and a little time...

erieYes, and risk overlapping shots. And if the casing has the famous pin rollers, lose whatever benefit they provide.

erie patsellis
11-Mar-2008, 17:00
I'd think that if the size was that important to the OP, then simple math, measuring the pitch across an entire roll, and calculating how much additonal you could gain, probably a mm on each end, without seeing one, would be my guess. It'd be a balancing act between opeing size and sufficient structural support for the pin axles.


11-Mar-2008, 23:04
If an exact 7cm matters shoot 6x9 and crop.

Robert Brummitt
12-Mar-2008, 19:41
I wonder if the smaller size has anything to do with negative film folders?
My meaning is that most carriers are cut large to include the frame without cropping.
It could also have to do with medium format enlarger light sources.
I have a Horseman grafloc back and it works just fine. I guess the makers never though someone would call them on the missing .05.
:) :) :)