View Full Version : r-3 paper in ra-4 developer

2-Mar-2001, 03:23
I've printed black and white for about 5 years and recently started printing my own color(or for the brits-colour). I noticed that the paper used to print from slides uses a developer called r-3?!? Regular negs print up using ra-4. What type of results would I get from running the r-3 paper through ra-4 chemistry? Would it be similar to cross processing e-6 in c-41? Would it work at all? Has anyone tried it or considered it?

Pete Andrews
2-Mar-2001, 07:18
Well, it's going to turn out as a negative for a start - unless you print from a negative.What is all this vogue for cross processing anyway? (cross dressing might be vaguely interesting); but deliberately trying to get crap colour? I can't see the attraction of that.

2-Mar-2001, 15:07
Well, I wasn't trying to get a cross-processed look, more just wondering what would happen if I tried it. I don't mind some crossed stuff, but it has to be done for a reason. Some people do it just to do it, but it has to lend something to the photo to really work. Anyway, So if you develop ra4 paper in r3, will it come out as a positive with slide film but just have the colors off then? It sounds like from your answer that r3 paper, if used with a negative instead of positive and developed with ra4, will be similar to crossed process in that the colors and contrast will be off but there will be something there?!?