View Full Version : Polaroid Type 54 issue

10-Mar-2008, 16:56
So lately I have been having major issues with my polaroid type 54.

I have used polaroid for years and i just orded 2 boxes from b&h. The first a ton of issues. Images werent coming out and I couldnt figure out with. Box 2 is hit or miss.

Is anyone else having this issue? At first I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, or it was my film holder I switched holders and nope, its the film

17-Apr-2008, 19:04
I use type 54 in the field often and haven't had a problem like you decribed. I hate to say it but it sounds like an operator error. Double check your steps and start again.

17-Apr-2008, 19:26
I had similar issue once, because the metal clip of one envelop remains in the holder, without me noticing immediately.
Check your holder, may be the same issue.

Frank Petronio
17-Apr-2008, 21:40
When I assisted in a busy studio every once in a while an entire box would be bad. If you sent them back Polaroid would replace every single one but you had to return the entire packet for them to credit you.

Of course they had a reason to have quality control back then. Now, not so much...

Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2008, 15:41
I have noticed poor quality manufacturing in the last couple of years of Polaroid films. More and more films would not "catch" in the 4x5 holder, thus resulting in blank frames. and the processing was more inconsistent (with freshly cleaned rollers, even.)

Ted Harris
20-Apr-2008, 16:29
OTOH, there is little hope that we will see much i the way o service or exchange as time marches on and remaining stock diminish. Remember, it is unlikely they will be manufacturing T54 much longer, if the have not already stopped.

I've started using Fuji and quite like it.