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9-Mar-2008, 12:40
This is a question that I have asked many so I would love to ask all of you.

Since Agfa went out of business what are those who you who have used Agfa FB paper use now?

For years I printed with agfa fb paper, one day went to re-order to find out they do not produce it anymore.

So what are all of you using? I since have gone digital since I could not find a paper that I felt met the same quality as the agfa.

Love to hear everyones 2 cents.


9-Mar-2008, 12:44
If Agfa paper reappeared, would you go back to the darkroom? There is a paper that is, IMO, as good as Agfa. Oriental WT. Ilford WT comes close.

9-Mar-2008, 12:50
I tried both of those papers, and nothing was as good as Agfa. Would I go back, No. Dont get me wrong, I LOVED the darkroom, and the process. I could print a photo and have the best time, but now seeing what you can do digitally without the chemicals, and annoyance of dust spots I am all set. In photoshop dust spots are gone in a flash. It took me a while to get used to working digitally with a printer, scanner, and computer but now that I know what I am doing it has made life much easier.

There will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for the darkroom but all good things must come to an end.

Sal Santamaura
9-Mar-2008, 12:52
This is a question...what are those who you who have used Agfa FB paper use now?...I since have gone digital since I could not find a paper that I felt met the same quality as the agfa...Get ready to go back into the darkroom:


Eric Biggerstaff
9-Mar-2008, 13:15
Thanks for the link Sal.

I know one of the photographers who was testing this paper and he was telling me it is very good. I have been looking forward to the introduction of it and have been putting off a large paper order in anticipation.

John Bowen
9-Mar-2008, 13:28

What have you found in the Digital Domain that matches the qualities of Agfa paper?

Gene McCluney
9-Mar-2008, 13:54
All the papers made by the major paper manufacturers are very good. It is just a matter of learning how to use them. Adapting them and adapting your shooting and processing style to "match" the paper you chose to use.

9-Mar-2008, 16:08
I use either Crane Silver Museo Rag of Hahnemuhle photo rag. So far give me what I need.

How about you John?

John Bowen
9-Mar-2008, 18:48
I am still 100% analog. I thought it interesting you would inquire what folks are using in their wet darkrooms to replace an old favorite, then state you have gone digital and won't be coming back to a wet darkroom no matter what fine replacement may have been discovered.

It just seemed odd to me...

That's my 2 cents...

PS I use Azo in my wet darkroom :-)

jenn wilson
9-Mar-2008, 19:59
i recently tested about a half dozen different papers. as far as i have discovered, freestyle's arista II is actually agfa's vc finegrain matte. it certainly matched each and every characteristic of my older prints. kentmere is almost identical to it. freestyle and b&h both carry it in all it's forms. i've also fallen madly in love with bergger's fine art silver supreme. but as it's not appropriate for every image, i find myself eager to test some of their other papers.

9-Mar-2008, 20:17
Well John I have gone digital but it was a fine paper and was curious to hear what others are using. Other people I know went crazy trying to scoop up the last bits of it so was curious to hear whats up.

Thanks Jenn.

domenico Foschi
9-Mar-2008, 20:19
Hi Jenn,
I have seen the beautiful image in your profile.
Looking at your style I am curious to know what you like about the Bergger Fine Art SIlver Supreme.
Regarding the New Agfa paper I wish they would keep the warm base or at least they would make it in addition to the neutral base.

jenn wilson
9-Mar-2008, 20:30

here's what i love about the fine art silver supreme: it looks like watercolor paper hand coated (expertly) with black magic liquid emulsion. tone separation and all the other goodies were all lovely. the only bit i don't like is it has the cold-pressed texture. i'd never look for any other paper at all if it had the smooth hot-pressed texture.
i also tried fotokemika and slavich paper but was not impressed outside of slavich's semi-matte surface. even with a higher contrast developer i found them far too muddy for my taste.

Gary L. Quay
10-Mar-2008, 02:55
Kentmere VC Select, developed in either Neutol or Ansco 130. To die for.

I also like the Kentmere or Foma Bromide papera with Amidol as a developer.

Ilford is my general purpose paper.

I built my darkroom in 2005, and Agfa was not long for this world by that time, so I only got to use one package of the MCC FB. I'm curious about the new Adox paper. It could be interesting.

I can't imagine going entirely digital. I dabble in photoshop, but nothing serious. It's mostly to make postcards advertising my photo exhibits. The computer, to me, seems less magical. There's nothing like watching the image appear in the developer. Yes, the dust specs are infuriating, but I've managed to get those to a minimum. I waited 15 years to get a darkroom. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get that many years in it.

Sal Santamaura
10-Mar-2008, 07:39
...Regarding the New Agfa paper I wish they would keep the warm base...Oh, what challenges face those bringing traditional photo products to this small market. The only thing about Agfa MCC111 I didn't like was the warm base, thus my excitement about this version...

Eric Biggerstaff
10-Mar-2008, 08:29
I seem to recall in a conversation or two that, depending on demand, they may have two versions of the paper. One of the bright white base and one on the slightly creamy base. Not positive however.

I am with Sal, what excites me about this paper is the warm tone on a white base. For my work, this is a great combination.

Gregg Cook
10-Mar-2008, 10:43
I bought a coupla thousand sheets in varying sizes once I knew they were gone.

Freestyle had a huge cache of it for a while.

I will be printing with it for a few years.

Just as I used my last grade 5 Brovira....

David Karp
10-Mar-2008, 12:06
The only thing about Agfa MCC111 I didn't like was the warm base, thus my excitement about this version...

Agreed. The old MCC classic was great for some of my work, but only a small proportion. When it worked, it was the only paper in its class I found that worked for me. With the whiter base, I will be very interested to try it.

Michael Alpert
10-Mar-2008, 13:38
I think that Bergger Warm Tone paper has great qualities and is, at the least, Agfa's equal. It's a different paper, with its own speed and color; still, when used with a warm-tone developer, it is very fine paper indeed. Bergger paper has been unavailable recently; but I hear that it will be made by Ilford for Bergger, using the old formula on a different base.

11-Mar-2008, 02:05
I recently picked up a large lot of Agfa in various forms and so far seems to print just fine, but I've only scratched the surface.

I've been printing on Bergger Prestige VC-CM using Ethol LPD at 1:2 and I get a beautiful warm image tone that looks even better with a touch of selenium 1:10 for a minute. Paper base is whiter than most of the warm-tone paper but not bright, bright white. The image tone reminds me of the Jean-Loup Sieff book by Taschen...

I think I mentioned all of this on another recent thread here or on APUG...