View Full Version : Longer Lenses on a Toyo VX-125 Camera?

neil poulsen
8-Mar-2008, 18:50
I read Stuart Ethier's review of the Toyo VX-125 camera. I have a question about using longer lenses, like a 355mm or 450mm lens with this camera.

I don't quite understand what would be necessary to use these longer lenses. For example, the review speaks about using three 250mm extensions? Are they themselves 250mm long, in which case three of them would expand to 750mm? Or, are they shorter?

This is the only part of the review that I couldn't understand. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Gary J. McCutcheon
8-Mar-2008, 21:48
I own a Toyo G and have looked seriously at the VX 125. To use longer lenses you must have a longer bellows and add the extension rails. The extension rails come in 150mm(rare) and 250mm extensions. You may also find a longer single rail for the Toyo D, F, E, C, or CX. I think they are about 400mm long. You'll need a bellows to match these longer extensions. Check with Jim at Midwest Photo exchange. He may have used parts or he can order from the US distributor.

My understanding is that you can extend this system (the Toyo rail cameras are pretty interchangeable) far beyond any practical use. Great system and camera. It will do anything you could possibly want.


neil poulsen
10-Mar-2008, 08:43

My question is how these extensions interact with the telescoping feature of the VX. It appears to me, that they attach on each end. Are they 150mm long, so that one on each end extends the overall length to 600mm?

Also, what kind of weight demands does this place on the telescoping rail? Can it sustain the extra weight and the leveraging effect of the moment arm and stay rigid?