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8-Mar-2008, 17:29
Since there is quite a bit of interest in the Combi Plan tank, I looked for my original instruction sheet and the notes I wrote on it. Here are the developing times of some film and developer combinations I used and hopefully it can help someone as a starting point.

Please don't take it as gospel, it worked for me for a long time and it might or might not work for you as my films, developers and processing times are from the previous century :) Maybe the goodies in the water are different nowadays! I did fine tune developing times depending on subjects and exposures, so your times might very well be different from mine.


Fill time - +/- 30 secs.
Drain time - +/- 30 secs.
1200ml of solution

I've always used a water pre-wet - 1 min. and an inversion or two, not critical. Use the same temperature as the intended developer.

General agitation pattern - Continuous inversions first 30 secs., then 2 inversions every 15 secs.


D-76, 1:1 dilution - 8 mins. @ 70 deg.F
HC-110, 1:31 dilution - 6.5 mins. @ 68 deg.F
Sprint Standard, 1:9 dilution - 10 mins. @ 68 deg.F


HC-110, 1:31 dilution - 7.5 mins.
(agitation is continuous first 30 sec., then 6 inversions every 15 secs.

Hope this helps, good luck!

9-Mar-2008, 03:11
Hi, have you considered adding these to the Massive Dev Chart ??

If I don't know the processing for something, I usually look there :)

Erich Hoeber
10-Mar-2008, 11:19
I don't think Plus-X has been available as sheet film for many years. TMX formulation changed circa 1999, I think.