View Full Version : wide angle for 5x7

G.G. Finn
31-Oct-1997, 04:12
I have a Wisner 5x7 Conv. Classic that I just acquired. I would like your advice on what a reasonable WA lens for this camera would be.

Not having dabbled in this arena seriously before, I am wondering whether a 180mm is too close to the normal lens to be effectively "different". In your opinion, should I really opt for a 150mm and a bag bellows?

In your opinion, does an image circle of 262mm provide enough flexibility for most situations or is there a practical need to get more coverage? I probably will not be doing demanding architectural shooting, but am likely to do some still life shooting as well as more straightforward stuff. Obviously, there is a good deal of $$ difference between a 150mm Sironar-W and a 180mm Sironar-N. The former I would need to buy new I suspect, the latter I can get from someplace like Midwest used. If you have a lens you would suggest in place of these please do so.

QT Luong
31-Oct-1997, 04:29
If your normal lens is a 210, then i would think that 180 is too close. if it is a 240 then 180 would be reasonably different. however i find that a 180 does not give a very pronounced "wide-angle effect". personally i like to have a 120 as a wide-angle, and i would recommend the 150 over a 180 if you want a moderate wide-angle, and otherwise a 120 (preferably the nikkor). i think 262mm is enough for most situations.