View Full Version : Elkhart Indiana, anyone?

John Kasaian
7-Mar-2008, 21:12
Once the brass instrument capital of the the world, I'm wondering if any of the factory buildings for the industry remain and if access for making photographs is an option? Much of the production first moved to Nogales (Conn and Selmer) in the late 60's, then to Asia. Perhaps some Indiana 'tog might know?

8-Mar-2008, 00:38
There is some neat looking stuff downtown if your into architecture but I'm not sure about the conn selmer stuff. I thought they still had a presence there last year. I moved 2k miles away last summer so its been awhile.

John Kasaian
11-Mar-2008, 21:39
I understand upper end trumpets are still being manufactured there, but that most of the production has moved to mainland china. I have seen some old photographs of the factories---pretty neat looking stuff---but times do change things.

12-Mar-2008, 04:49
Might try contacting Blessing since they are still making instruments there and get an idea. I think WoodwindBrasswind one of teh bigger online brass sellers is located there as well.


MIke Sherck
12-Mar-2008, 06:04
I live in Elkhart. There's still some remnant of the "Band Instrument Capital of the World" here, but not much. Some of the old buildings remain, many of them with new occupants. Selmer, one of the largest old manufacturers, vacated a lovely old building on north Main Street about 18 months ago, and it was sold to a new owner last autumn. I tried to get access to the inside both before and after the sale, but I'm just an amateur and was told that insurance (or lack thereof) made it impossible for me to get inside.

I photographed the outside, of course, before the new owner tore down the decades-old growth of ivy climbing the brown brick walls and began using the parking lot to store truck trailers. I'll try to dig one or two out this week and scan them, but digital isn't part of my workflow so don't expect sparkling scans. :)


Charles Hohenstein
12-Mar-2008, 10:15
John, if you're a neighbor, maybe you could have coffee with Mike and me sometime. I'm in South Bend.

John Kasaian
13-Mar-2008, 22:19
Mike & Charles,

I'd be honored! If I ever get to Elkhart I'll certainly get in touch. :)

14-Mar-2008, 09:18
Wow, I didn't realize there were many members in the south bend area, I wish I'd met up with you guys before I moved. I like the scenery a lot better out here though, 72F Clear and I'm on my way to Valley of Fire.