View Full Version : Sinar P 4x5 format frame?

erie patsellis
7-Mar-2008, 14:51
(moderators, if you feel this belongs in the FS section, please move it there)

I have a Sinar 8x10P and want to convert it to 4x5 from time to time (I have an F and have 99% of the parts, sans carrier (format frame, as some call it)

Anybody seen one for sale lately? There seems to be quite a lack of them on Ebay, or alternately, if anybody has a spare they'd consider selling, I'd be glad to hear about it. I'm also looking for a F format frame to finish up my Sinar Shutter project.


8-Mar-2008, 04:49
I have an extra 4x5 carrier frame that you can buy. Send me an e-mail.